Edge Browser: How to Turn On or Off Save As Download Prompt?

Edge is available on Windows 11 and 10 and is designed to be faster, safer, and more compatible with the modern Web. Its save prompt allows you to save to your current Downloads folder or to a folder that you specify. The Microsoft Edge browser in Windows 11 or 10 automatically saves files that you […]

On Windows 11 or 10, how do you enable or disable the magnifier?

Windows 11/10 has a Magnifier that lets you zoom in and out quickly on your computer screen. With the Windows Magnifier application, you can magnify your computer screen up to 16x its normal size to make words, images, etc., bigger. As much as you like, it can magnify your screen. To open the Magnifier application, […]

Windows 11 and 10: How to Change Touchpad Sensitivity?

As far as Windows 11/10 laptops are concerned, if your laptop’s touchpad is too sensitive or has low sensitivity, you can decrease or increase its sensitivity according to your preferences. In spite of how sensitive your laptop’s touchpad is, if it is not set properly, you could have difficulty using it. This growupwindows article will […]

How to Turn On or Of Taskbar Context Menus in Windows 11 or 10?

Windows 11 features a taskbar at the bottom that contains icons for the Start menu, Search, Task View, Widgets, Chat, File Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and Microsoft Store. By default, these icons are aligned to the center. The Notification Center, Quick Settings, and Notification Area with the clock and calendar are located in the taskbar corner. […]

Windows 11: How to Enable or Disable Simplified Quick Settings?

Quick Settings ( + ) in Windows 11 let you access commonly used settings from the taskbar corner, including Accessibility, Airplane mode, Brightness, Volume, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Rotation lock, Battery saver, Night light, Mobile hotspot, Nearby sharing, Cast, and Project. If you’re using Microsoft Edge or streaming music apps such as Spotify, you’ll find media playback […]

Windows 11 and 10: How to Show Drive Letter before Drive Name?

In Windows 11 and 10, drive names or volume labels appear first before drive letters. However, how do you want to change this behavior and display drive letters first before drive names in File Explorer? In File Explorer, how do I make the drive letter appear before the drive label? Is there a way to […]

How to Block Users from changing Color and Appearance in Windows 11 or 10?

Windows 11 and 10 PCs allow you to customize the experience by changing the system color scheme and showing accent colors in Start, taskbar, title bar, and borders. While it is an important feature, you might want to restrict the ability of users to change the Colors setting. For example, you are working for a […]