Best Free Clock Screensaver for Windows 11 and 10

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Screensaver is not a new feature to Windows 11 or 10. It was also available in previous operating systems such as Windows 8 and 7. It is an old technology but still makes sense to use. This computer program fills your display screen with patterns, pictures, or even a video when your PC remains idle for a specific time. It makes your PC screen colorful when kept inactive and protects privacy by hiding your desktop screen when you are away. You can also set a password to your screensaver, so no unauthorized user can access your PC when you are away.

Windows allows users to set different images and patterns as screensavers but doesn’t provide any option to configure a clock as a screensaver.

In this growupwindows article, we will share some of the best free clock screensavers that work fine with Windows 11 and 10 PCs. By default, screensavers are disabled on Windows PCs, so in order to use them, you need to enable screensavers on your Windows 11 PC; after that, you can apply any free clock screensavers.

Free Clock Screen Savers for Windows 11 and 10

When you are away from your computer or notebook and want to show a clock on your screen, you need to download and apply one of the free clock screensavers:-

  • Fliqlo
  • Digital Clock-7
  • Free Clock
  • Full screen clock


The Fliqlo is an innovative, straightforward program that turns your desktop screen into a flip clock. It lets you switch to a 12-hours or a 24-hours clock format and provides accurate time. The application includes a single black-and-white color palette, which might not be your first choice, but this may suit you if you love to use simple things.

To make Fliqlo your default screensaver, download it on your PC, extract its contents and open the extracted folder. Right-click on the Fliqlo.scr file and select Install option.

Once you install and activate the Fiqlo screensaver, a classic black-and-white clock will appear on your desktop when you leave your computer idle for the set time.

Although it took less than a minute to download the program, unfortunately, it comes bundled with a few more freeware such as Opera web browser, Facebook app, and the Web companion program from Lavasoft. While installing, you can skip that crapware if you don’t need it.

Download Fliqlo

You can download the Fliqlo screensaver from here.

Digital Clock-7

The Digital Clock-7 is another simple, pleasant, and free clock screensaver made for Windows 11 and 10 PCs that displays time in beautiful Neon color. To use this screen saver, download the program and install it on your PC. When you’re done, the Screensaver settings window opens. Choose Digital Clock-7 in the dropdown menu. Unlike Fliqlo, Digital Clock-7 also displays the Date, Year, and Day along with the time (with seconds). This program is immaculate; no other crapware or extra programs try to download with this one app.

Download Digital Clock-7

You can grab the Digital Clock-7 screen saver here.

Free Clock

The Free Clock screensaver displays an analog clock on your Windows 11 or 10 monitor when you’re away from your computer or laptop. This is a simple program and free from adware. In order to use it, you need to download and install it on your PC. Then, set it as your screensaver. It displays the date and day along with the analog clock with moving hours, minutes, and second hands.

Download Free Clock

You can download the Free Clock screensaver here.

Full screen clock

The Full screen clock is actually not a screensaver, but it covers your screen completely when you want to leave your PC and displays a digital clock on your computer. When you install and launch this application on your computer, you can select a time zone independent of your PC time zone, and accordingly, it will display a digital clock on your PC screen. You have the option to show or hide seconds and dates. You can activate this digital clock by clicking the Full screen button. Furthermore, if you don’t want to lock your computer, you can use the Prevent locking button.

Download Full screen clock

You can download the Full screen clock from Microsoft Store.

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