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How to Disable Settings and Control Panel in Windows 11?

Windows 11 comes with a modern Settings app to allow users to perform several tasks, including adjusting screen resolutions, checking for updates, personalizing Windows themes, setting lock screen, adding /removing devices, etc. You can perform many basic and administrative tasks on a Windows 11 PC using the Settings app. Although the Settings app was introduced […]

How to Open the Settings app in Windows 10?

Microsoft had introduced PC Settings first in Windows 8, and a powerful Settings is now available in the Windows 10 operating system. The settings app is now easier to use in Windows 10. Although Microsoft has introduced the Settings app, the classic Control Panel is still part of Windows 10, and you can still find […]

How to Mute or Unmute Microphone in Windows 11?

By default, the Microphone and Speaker both remain turned on your Windows 11 computer or laptop. If you do not use a Microphone or want to keep it mute due to security reasons, this growupwindows article will help you. Using this article, you can keep your Microphone turned off, while at the same time, the […]

How to Open Settings app in Windows 11?

Our growupwindows article will show you several ways to open the Settings app in Windows 11. The Settings app was introduced in Windows 8.1, and Microsoft has improved it a lot in Windows 11. Windows 11’s Settings app is one of the most crucial tools in controlling how your software and hardware look and behave. […]