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How to Turn On or Of Taskbar Context Menus in Windows 11 or 10?

Windows 11 features a taskbar at the bottom that contains icons for the Start menu, Search, Task View, Widgets, Chat, File Explorer, Microsoft Edge, and Microsoft Store. By default, these icons are aligned to the center. The Notification Center, Quick Settings, and Notification Area with the clock and calendar are located in the taskbar corner. […]

How to Pin and Unpin Apps to Windows 10 Taskbar?

Every Windows operating system includes a special application desktop toolbar that is known as Taskbar. By default, this Taskbar sits at the bottom of a display screen where you can find, open, and switch between opened apps. On the extreme right side of the taskbar, you can view the date and time, system icons, and […]

How to Create a Custom Toolbar in Windows 10 to Launch Programs and Files Quickly from Taskbar?

Everyone is busy and wants to finish their job in a few seconds. The same goes here when it comes to opening your favorite apps or files in Windows 10. No one wants to click the Start button and search for apps they want to open. So to make the process easy, they Pin apps […]

How to Unpin all Taskbar icons Simultaneously in Windows 11 or 10?

You can drag and drop an application shortcut to the Windows 10 or 7 Taskbar to pin them for quick access. However, such a function has been disabled in Windows 11 Taskbar by Microsoft, but you can still pin or unpin icons to the Windows 11 Taskbar using different methods. Although you can pin and […]

How to Pin or Unpin an App from Taskbar in Windows 11?

On Windows 10, pinning and unpinning an app to the taskbar is an easy task. You just need to drag an application shortcut to the taskbar to pin an application if the taskbar is unlocked. However, Microsoft has dramatically changed the taskbar behavior in Windows 11, and you need to learn to pin and unpin […]

How to Add or Remove “Pin to taskbar” from Context Menu in Windows 11 or 10?

Right-clicking on a program in Windows 11 or 10, you will find many options, including “Pin to taskbar.” However, if that particular application is already pinned to your taskbar, you will see the “Unpin from taskbar” option instead. People pin programs to their taskbar, so they can easily open their favorite program from the taskbar […]

How to Turn On New Taskbar Overflow in Windows 11?

Microsoft is silently testing new features in Windows 11. Recently they added Spotlight Desktop Theme and a new Taskbar Overflow. Depending on the taskbar size, all icons may not fit the taskbar area when you open several applications and documents. To make these icons administration suitable, Windows 11 will now show these additional icons in […]

How to Hide or Unhide the Taskbar Search Button on Windows 11?

By default, Windows 11 comes with a Search button to search for applications, files, and folders on our computers. Without a search function, you’ll have to memorize all the locations of your PC’s files and folders, and that’s impossible for everybody these days. In Windows PCs, the search comes in handy when you want to […]