How to Connect and Sync an Android Phone to a Windows 10 PC using Phone Link?

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You can use the Microsoft Phone Link app to share files between an Android smartphone and your Windows 10 PC. This phone app allows users to drag and drop photos from a phone on a PC. Besides that, you can send web pages from your phone to your PC, where you can open them immediately, or they will reside in the Action Center for later use.

The Phone Link app is useful for those who spend most of their time on a PC. Using this app, you can make your life easier. You can perform many operations on your phone using this app directly from your computer; there is no need to pick up your phone to see the notifications. This app will retrieve notifications from your phone and display them on your PC. Besides, it lets you make/receive calls on your PC, read/send/delete messages, view/delete photos, etc.

Although this is helpful, not all Android phones can be connected using the Phone Link app to your Windows 10 machine. You can see the complete list of compatible phones on the Microsoft website.

In this growupwindows article, you will learn to link an Android phone to your Windows 10 PC.

How to Link an Android Phone to a Windows 10 PC?

To link an Android phone to your Windows 10 system, use these steps:-

Step 1. Very first, download and install the Link to Windows app on your Android phone from Google Play Store.

Step 2. Next, download and install the Phone Link app from Microsoft Store on your Windows 10 system.

Step 3. Then, launch the Phone Link app on your PC.

Step 4. After that, click the Get Started button.

Step 5. Now, sign in with your Microsoft Account.

Step 6. After signing in to your Phone Link app, you need to pair your Windows 10 PC with your Android phone. To do that, check the checkbox I have the Link to Windows app ready and then click the Pair with QR code button.

Step 7. Once done, a QR code will appear on your PC.

Step 8. Now, open the “Link to Windows” app you installed on your phone and tap Continue.

Step 9. Grant permission when prompted and scan the QR code of the Phone Link app by facing the camera towards the QR code. Then, tap Continue.

Step 10. Again, grant permissions and tap Continue to link your phone and Windows 10 PC.

Step 11. On the “Phone Link” app, you’ll see, “You’re all set!” Here, click the Continue button.

Step 12. Then, click the Get started button.

Step 13. In the following window, check or uncheck the option Pin app to taskbar according to your requirements and click the Get started button.

Step 14. The Phone Link app will now guide you through setting up some features. If you wish to learn more, click on the tile “Send text messages,” “Make a call,” or “View my photos.” If not, click the Skip button to exit the guide.

Step 15. In order to work these features, you need to grant some more permission on your phone. For that, click the Open settings on phone.

Step 16. On your Android phone, a notification will appear, prompting you to open the notification settings. Tap Open.

Step 17. The “Notification access” settings will open. Find “Link to Windows” in the list and tap on it to allow.

That’s it! You’ll now see your notifications appearing in the “Notifications” sidebar on the Phone Link app. When the notification appears, you can remove it from your Android device by clicking the “X” icon. On the left side top corner, you can view the battery status in percentage just like you see in your phone.

Note: Your phone and PC should both be paired with Bluetooth in order to receive or make a call from your computer. However, viewing photos does not need to make any settings. But, to delete pictures, you still need permission on your phone.

This is how Phone Link and Link to Windows apps work overall.

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