How to Make Windows 11 Look and Feel Like Windows 10?

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The same is true when you switch to Windows 11 from Windows 10. Many changes have been made to the UI. Microsoft refreshes the look and feels of every new version of an operating system to make it more interesting.

A few Registry tweaks are required, however, if you have recently switched to Windows 11 and wish to change it to look like Windows 10, which is almost impossible for most people. ExplorerPatcher is a third-party application that can be used to make the same changes. On GitHub, you can find this tool for free.

ExplorerPatcher for Windows 11

ExplorerPatcher is a freeware utility that allows users to restore the old charm of Windows 10. With this tool, you can get the Windows 10 usability features without doing much work on your Windows 11 operating system.

Since the tool alters several important Registry on your Windows 11, we recommend you create a system restore point before you start using it.

What can be done to make Windows 11 look like Windows 10?

If you want to change the look and feel of Windows 11 to appear like Windows 10, you’ll need to download and use the ExplorerPatcher from Github. After that, you need to apply several patches on your PC.

One more important thing we want to tell you about ExplorerPatcher is that once you run this tool on your machine, Windows 11 Taskbar will immediately move to the left corner, as you have seen in Windows 10. Windows 10 logo will appear immediately and also you will find the Control Center in your system tray. If you need, you can further edit the Taskbar settings too.

If you want to customize your Windows 11 even more, right-click on free space on the Taskbar and choose the Properties option in the menu.

Here, after switching to the Taskbar tab, you can make the following changes on your Windows 11 PC:-

  • You can change the Taskbar style to Windows 11 or 10.
  • Change the location of the Taskbar to the bottom, top, left, or right.
  • You can show or hide the Search button.
  • Turn on or off the Task view button.
  • Hide the taskbar automatically.
  • Make the Start button look like Windows 10 or 11.
  • Orient the icons on the Taskbar differently.
  • You can combine the icons on the Taskbar.
  • You can change the size of the Taskbar icon to large or small.

To apply the changes, click the Restart File Explorer button at the bottom of this software.

In the System tray tab, you will find several options for hiding or showing the system tray.

Here, you are allowed to make the following changes:-

  • You can show or hide the touch keyboard button.
  • In the clock, you can show or hide seconds.
  • You can adjust tray icon settings, such as flyout behavior.

The software sets the Start menu to Windows 11 style by default. However, it s possible to switch to Windows 10 Start menu from the Start menu tab. When you’re done, the Start Menu will switch to the Windows 10 style, but it will show in the center only. You need to change the “Position on screen” from “Center” to “At screen edge” in order to move to the edge, exactly what you find in Windows 10.

Additionally, you can change how many apps are displayed frequently, disable the Recommended section, etc. You can also make the Windows 11 Start Menu show all apps by default.

Using the Weather tab, you can turn on the Windows 10-like weather button on the Taskbar and configure its settings.

You need to switch to the Other tab; if you want Snap Assist to display in Windows 10 style or wish to remove the rounded corners of application windows on your PC. In addition to showing/hiding taskbar toolbar separators, you can choose to display Command Prompt instead of PowerShell on the Win+X menu, disable rounded corners on application windows and restore the square shape, etc.

With ExplorerPatcher, you can quickly make your Windows 11 PC look like Windows 10. The same is almost impossible for most Windows users by tweaking the registry

Any time after making the changes, if you want to revert the changes and wish to switch to Windows 11 look and feel, just uninstall the program.

Download ExplorerPatcher

You can download the latest version of ExplorerPatcher from GitHub if you need it.

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