How to Set Up a Guest Account on Windows 11?

A guest account is useful if you share your computer regularly with someone else. Once you create a guest account on your Windows 11 machine, that account will have its own space and access to data.

On Windows 8 and 7, it was easy to make a dedicated guest account. By default, the guest account had limited access to your computer. For instance, guest accounts couldn’t install software or change system settings.

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as it once was to make a guest account in Windows. However, it is still possible to create a guest account on Windows 11, and we will guide you with at least two methods. You can use either method to create a guest account.

In this growupwindows article, you will learn how to create a guest account in Windows 11.

Starting Windows 10, Microsoft has hidden the guest account feature. But, Microsoft still reserves the “Guest” name for a guest account, but it’s no more possible to create the same type of guest account that was available before Windows 10. That means you can not access an inbuilt guest account; instead, you’ll need to create a local account that doesn’t require a password. However, the limitation for this guest will not be the same as you had seen in Windows 8 or 7. That means they can install software and adjust settings, but it won’t affect your profile.

How to Create a Guest Account using Windows 11 Settings?

To make a guest account through Windows 11 Settings, use these steps:-

Step 1. First, open the Settings app.

To do that, you can use the Windows + I keyboard shortcut. Alternatively, right-click on the Start button and select Settings in the menu.

Step 2. When the Settings window appears, click the Account category in the left pane.

Step 3. Then, click the Family & other users tile on the right sidebar.

Step 4. Next, under the “Other Users” section, click on the Add account button beside the “Add other user” option.

Step 5. Once done, a pop-up window will appear on your computer asking you, “How will this person sign in?” Click the “I don’t have this person’s sign-in information” link on the Microsoft account sign-in screen.

Step 6. In the following screen, click the link “Add a user without a Microsoft account.”

Step 7. After that, enter the name for the guest account. You can’t make an account as a “Guest,” but anything else will work. Leave the password fields blank and hit the Next button.

Step 8. That’s it! The account will now appear along with the other accounts on the sign-in screen that won’t require a password.

How to Make a Guest Account in Windows 11 through Command Prompt?

To create a Guest account in Windows 11 using Command Prompt, use these steps:-

Step 1. First, open the Command Prompt as administrator.

Step 2. On the prompt, type the following and hit Enter key on the keyboard to add a guest account on your Windows 11 PC:-

net user ForGuest /add /active:yes

Note: You can change “ForGuest” with any word you want to use for a guest account in the above command.

That’s it!

You will see a message, “The command completed successfully.” You can now view all user accounts under your computer by navigating to Settings > Accounts > Family & other users > Other users.

Good luck.

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