How to Turn Windows 11 or 10 Computer into a Flip Clock?

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Windows 11 operating system ships with a lot of beautiful screen savers. But Microsoft has not added new screen savers on Windows operating systems for a long time. On Windows 11 and 10 OS, screen savers are copied from Windows 7. If you are one of those Windows users who still use screensavers to protect your PC from unauthorized uses, you can use the Fliqlo screen saver.

Fliqlo for Windows 11/10

Fliqlo is a free screensaver and comes with a modern design. Apart from helping your computer protect from unauthorized usage, it also turns your PC’s screen into a Flip Clock. The Fliqlo screen saver shows the time with flip animation in large white numerals against a black background. That means you can even read the time from a long distance.

This screensaver is compatible with Windows 11, Windows 10, and Windows 8.1. You can enlarge or reduce the clock size or even switch between landscape or portrait screen orientation. Apart from that, you can control brightness inside the screensaver. It allows you to show or hide the background. You can open its settings by right-clicking on the .scr file and selecting the Configure option.

How to Install Fliqlo Screensaver on Windows 11 or 10?

Installing the screen saver is a pretty simple job on a Windows 11 or 10 computer. Just, download the zip file from the developer’s page and then extract its contents into a folder. Then, right-click on the Fliqlo.scr screen saver file and select the Show more options (This is an additional step on Windows 11, for older Windows versions, you can skip it).

Next, click the Install button. That’s it. Now, the Fliqlo screensaver is part of your operating system.

How to Use Fliqlo Screensaver on Windows 11/10?

Once you have installed the Fliqlo screensaver on your computer, you can activate and use it like any other screen saver. To do that, click on the Start button or press the Windows key from the keyboard and type change screen saver.

In the available search results, click the Change Screen Saver to open the Screen Saver Settings window.

Under the Screen saver area, select the Fliqlo from the drop-down menu and then click Apply/OK.

Download Fliqlo

If you need it, you can grab the Fliqlo screen saver from its official website.

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