On Windows 11 or 10, How can you Enable and Use the Virtual Touchpad?

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On Windows 11 or 10, you can use a hidden virtual touchpad to control your mouse cursor more precisely if you have a touch display. In addition to its right and left mouse buttons, a virtual touchpad is a great tool for legacy applications and games that don’t work well on touchscreens.

Windows 11 and 10 include a virtual touchpad that works just like your physical touchpad. You can use this virtual touchpad to move the mouse pointer using your touchscreen after enabling it.

In this growupwindows article, you will learn about enabling and using the virtual touchpad on Windows 11 and 10.

How to Turn On Virtual Touchpad on Windows 11?

Follow these steps to enable the virtual touchpad on Windows 11:-

Step 1. First, launch Windows 11 Settings.

Step 2. Then, choose Personalization on the left side.

Step 3. On the right side, click on the Taskbar option.

Step 4. Now, turn On the toggle switch Virtual touchpad under the “System tray icons” to enable this feature.

Tips: If you don’t want to use the “Virtual touchpad,” just turn off its toggle in the above steps.

The Virtual touchpad is now enabled on your Windows 11 machine, and you will see a new icon in the notification area. Click the icon to open and use the Virtual touchpad.

How to Turn On Virtual Touchpad on Windows 10?

You can enable the virtual touchpad on Windows 10 by long-pressing or right-clicking on the taskbar and selecting/checking Show touchpad button in the pop-up menu.

After you complete the steps above, the Virtual touchpad will be enabled on your Windows 10 machine, and you will see an icon in the notification area. By clicking this icon, you can use the Virtual touchpad.

You can use every touchpad function as you would on a physical touchpad on a virtual touchpad. To left-click or right-click, tap the left or right mouse buttons at the bottom of the window. To left-click, use one finger, and for right-click, use two fingers.

Swiping three fingers upwards on the virtual touchpad will open the Task View interface, for switching windows, for example. Swiping downwards will show your desktop.

If you want to move the mouse cursor around the screen, place your finger on the touchpad and move it around like you would on a regular touchpad.

Moreover, you can move the virtual touchpad window on the screen according to your convenience by touching the title bar and moving your finger.

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