How to Show Full Path in Title Bar of Windows 11 File Explorer?

In Windows 11, if you open a folder in File Explorer, you will see only the folder name in the title bar. To display the absolute path, follow the instructions in this growupwindows article. You can display the full folder path in the File Explorer title bar using File Explorer Options or Registry Editor. How […]

How to Turn On Desktop Stickers in Windows 11?

In Windows 22H2, Microsoft will release many features that are currently being tested. The Desktop Stickers feature is now available on Windows 11. Additionally, Microsoft is also testing Snap Layouts on top of the screen, Desktop Search Bar, and Suggested Actions for Windows 11. If you run the Windows 11 insider preview, you will be […]

Windows 10 File Explorer: How to Make Full Folder Path Visible?

In Windows 10, when you open a folder in File Explorer, the title bar only shows the folder name. If you want, you can change Windows 10 to show the absolute path of the folder in the title bar. The goal of this growupwindows article is to show full folder paths in Windows 10’s File […]

In Windows 11 or 10, how do I Remove the “Restore previous versions” Context Menu?

In Windows 10, the “Restore previous versions” option is always available on the context menu. File Explorer provides the opportunity to “Restore previous versions” when right-clicking a folder or file. In Windows 11, you can restore previous versions of files or folders by right-clicking on them and selecting “Show more options” in the context menu. […]

Windows 11 or 10: How do I change the date and time?

When Windows 11 or 10 starts, the date and time are automatically updated based on your time zone. If necessary, you can also manually adjust the date and time. You may experience problems with some applications on your PC if the date and time are incorrect. It is therefore important to set the date and […]

Secure your USB flash drive in Windows 11 and 10 with USB Lockit

You should always protect your USB flash drives from unauthorized access. Every Windows PC has a password, but nobody cares about the password on a USB flash drive. In my opinion, securing your USB drive with a password is the right option. It is always a smart idea to protect your USB flash drives with […]

What is Microsoft Defender Application Guard and how do I enable it on Windows 11?

A built-in feature of Windows 11 is Microsoft Defender Application Guard, which allows you to browse untrusted websites securely. With this feature, a small virtual machine is created using Hyper-V technology. By using Defender Application Guard, you can use the Edge browser independently of the main installation. You don’t have to worry about hacker attacks […]