How to Move Windows 11 Taskbar Icons to the Left?

Windows 11 has a few exciting features and a lovely new rounded corner window. The start button and other icons have been shifted to the center on Windows 11 Taskbar. In previous Windows operating systems, people were using third-party applications to align the Taskbar to the center so that their desktop could look like an […]

How to Manually Update your Windows 11?

Microsoft automatically downloads and installs the Windows Updates. The latest updates may include new features, drivers update, bug fixes, and security patches. However, Microsoft allows you to stop or pause Windows automatic updates if you need them. Once Microsoft releases an update, it gradually reaches all Windows users. That means if you have not turned […]

How to Find your Product Key from Installed Windows 11 or 10 using ShowKeyPlus?

If you have purchased a computer or laptop preinstalled with Windows 11/10 or you have upgraded your old Windows 7 or 8 to Windows 11/10 and want to copy the product key for future use, this growupwindows article will guide you. You can quickly retrieve the product key or license from running Windows 11 or […]

How to View Build and Version Number on Windows 11 or 10?

Microsoft pushes Windows 10 and Windows 11 operating systems update that includes the latest security patches and new features. So, it is crucial to update your Windows as and when an update is available from the Microsoft server. Apart from the automatic update, Microsoft also allows you to manually check and update your Windows. Most […]

How to Set Daily Bing Wallpaper as your Windows 11 or 10 Desktop Background?

Microsoft’s Bing search engine is famous for its background wallpaper which changes every day. Many of Bing’s background images are fine architectural and wildlife photographs that are good for desktop wallpapers. We all love high-quality, beautiful wallpapers, and for that Bing search engine may be your preferred choice. The Bing search engine daily refreshes its […]

How to Set Spotlight Picture as Desktop Background (Wallpaper) in Windows 11?

After installing Windows 11 on our PC, we perform several customizations, and one of them is changing or settings a beautiful desktop background or wallpaper. Every time you log in to your Windows machine, you first see the desktop background image. Some Windows users don’t change the wallpaper, which means using single desktop background for […]

How to Change Wallpaper (Desktop Background) in Windows 11?

The latest operating system, Windows 11, ships with a lot of new attractive wallpapers. These wallpapers are totally unique and don’t carry them from their predecessors like the screensavers. You can use or change the Windows 11 built-in wallpapers when you wish. If you are bored by seeing built-in wallpapers, you can also apply a […]

How to Check Computer Serial and Model Number on Windows 11?

We all should know how to find out the serial number of our Windows 11 computer or laptop. Knowing these details may be useful in various cases, such as upgrading your system components (e.x. memory (RAM), hard drive (HDD or SSD), display, and power supply). Using the model number, you can easily search the internet […]