How to Open Command Prompt (CMD) as Administrator in Windows 11?

Command Prompt has been a helpful tool for Windows users for a long time. It allows users to perform several tasks even on a Windows 11 PC. Generally, this tool is used by professional computer users (IT experts) to execute several administrative tasks. Using this tool, you can perform administrative functions from the standard user […]

How do I find the date I installed Windows 11/10?

In order to view the date and time when Windows 11/10 was installed on your computer, this growupwindows article will help you. There is no need to install or download a third-party tool. Several methods exist for resolving the time and date when Windows was installed on a PC on Windows 11/10. It is possible […]

How to Find or Recover your Windows 11/10 Product Key?

In this growupwindows article, we will show you how to find the product keys of Windows 11/10 using built-in features, although there are many product key finder applications available for Windows 11/10. However, third-party tools are fine; not all Windows users want to install an unknown software. We will show you how to use Command […]

How to Open Settings app in Windows 11?

Our growupwindows article will show you several ways to open the Settings app in Windows 11. The Settings app was introduced in Windows 8.1, and Microsoft has improved it a lot in Windows 11. Windows 11’s Settings app is one of the most crucial tools in controlling how your software and hardware look and behave. […]

How to Open Registry Editor in Windows 11?

There are many settings in Windows 11, and the Windows Registry controls them all. The changes that appear on the screen are stored in the registry as well. As a result, unknowingly changing the registry is always risky and may permanently make your Windows machine unusable. If you make a mistake in the registry, you […]

How to Restore the Classic Volume Mixer in Windows 11?

There is a new sound volume flyout in Windows 11 and Windows 10. It is a touch-friendly panel, and most Windows users love it. You can use Classic Volume Mixer software to add a new sound icon to the taskbar if you dislike the default sound icon in Windows 11. With a registry tweak, you […]