Sordum Drive Letter Changer: Allows to Change or Assign a Drive Letter in Windows 11 and 10

Although Windows 11 and 10 allow you to change the Drive Letter using built-in methods, a lot of users prefer to use third-party tools to perform the tasks quickly. Such a task on Windows PC is changing the Drive Letter. If you want to change or assign the existing partition drive letter on Windows for any reason, e.g., drive letter altered by a third-party tool or partition not showing on your Windows PC, this growupwindows article will help you.

Sordum Drive Letter Changer for Windows 11/10

As the name suggests, Sordum Drive Letter Changer is a tool to assign or change the Windows partition’s drive letter. It is a freeware and portable application that works on all versions of Windows, including Windows 11 and 10.

If you are a novice and can’t handle the long process of the Command Prompt or Disk Management tool to change the drive letter, you might prefer to use Sordum Drive Letter Changer.

To start using the Drive Letter Changer tool, download the Sordum Drive Letter Changer from its official website, unzip the file in a folder, and run the program. When you run this tool, you will find that the User Interface is arranged intelligently, which lets you quickly access all the main options. Once it is up and running on your computer, you’ll get a list of all your drives and the drive letter currently assigned to them.

To change a drive letter, click the Task menu or right-click the drive from the list, and select Change Drive Letter in the context menu. You will see a list of all the assigned and unassigned (free) Drive Letters. Select a free drive letter and assign it to your selected partition.

Apart from the changing Drive Letter, this software comes with an additional feature known as Volume Mount Points. The Volume Mount Points are specialized NTFS file system objects that mount an entry point to other volumes. Mounting a drive to a folder path has its pros and cons. For example, doing so will allow you to access a drive anywhere. You can easily hide a drive letter from other users, mount a drive to a folder path, and delete its drive letter. To mount a drive letter to a folder path, right-click a drive and choose Mount in Empty Ntfs Folder.

Similarly, you can easily remove a Drive Letter using this software Task menu or right-clicking on a drive letter and selecting the Remove Drive Letter option.

Further, the Tools menu includes Disk Management, Run Mountvol, Remove Old Mounted Data, and Restart Windows Explorer. “Run Mountvol” lists down possible values for a volume name, as well as current mount points.

Sordum Drive Letter Changer also supports Command Prompt. Type “dChanger.exe /?” (without quotes) to list all available parameters in a command prompt window.

The software developer suggests using the /Force parameter to change or assign drive letters without error.

Download Sordum Drive Letter Changer

As mentioned, the Drive Letter Changer is compatible with Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista, and XP (both x86 and x64). Further, it is available in several languages, and you see a list of languages on their website. If you need it, you can download it here.

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